The Florida Legislature decreed that every prospective purchaser must be given a “Frequently Asked Question & Answer” sheet as follows:

1. Q. What kind of park is Port Carlos Cove?
A. Port Carlos Cove is a “55 or Older” Community, resident owned cooperative with 155 residential units. Occupancy of the unit requires one of the two Members be “55 or Older”.

2. Q. Do I own and have a deed to my property?
A. Port Carlos Cove, Inc. owns the property and leases same to Members.

3. Q. What restrictions exist in the cooperative documents on my right to use my unit?
A. The mobile home is to be used as a residence only; no commercial business is to be conducted from the home. A typical home will consist of a maximum of two (2) Members. The purchaser(s) are Members of the corporation (Certificate Names). Other immediate family are considered guests and fall into the 30-day visitation category. Guests, regardless of age, which includes the immediate family, staying over 30 days, must be granted permission by the Board of Directors through a request in writing by the Member(s).

4. Q. Are pets allowed in Port Carlos Cove?
A. No DOGS are allowed in Port Carlos Cove. Other SMALL PETS are allowed if kept solely in the home and not allowed to disturb neighbors. Pets are not permitted to renters and/or their guests.

5. Q. What restrictions exist in the cooperative documents on the leasing of my unit?
A. There can be no yearly leasing arrangements but Members may rent on a monthly basis, in compliance with the “55 or Older” Housing Law.

6. Q. What is the monthly maintenance fee?
A. The present fee is $200.00 monthly, payable on the first day of each month. The fee covers water, sewer, refuse disposal, seawall maintenance and repair, dead and hazardous tree removal, road maintenance, maintenance of common areas and budgeted projects.

7. Q. What is required regarding renovations/changes to the home and land?
A. Changes inside the home require NO written notification to the corporation. Any changes to the outside, either to the home or the land, requires filing a Site Change Request Application form with the corporation for approval before work can begin.

8. Q. Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or commonly used facilities?
A. The cooperative has a recreation building, heated swimming pool, shuffleboard courts, boat lift and and storage areas  There is no additional charge to use any common facilities.

9. Q. What are the voting rights in Port Carlos Cove?
A. Each home has one (1) vote. The annual meeting is on the third Tuesday in February. An elected Board of Directors manages the park, there is no management company.

10. Q. Do I have to be a Member of any association?
A. No, you do not have to be a Member of any association. A Civic Association, that organizes the social activities, exists which you may join should you choose for a $10 annual fee per person.

11. Q. Is the corporation involved in any court cases in which I may face liability increases?
A. No, Port Carlos Cove, Inc., has never been involved in a civil suit in the past or the present.