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Homes /Lots for Sale in the Park

Just a reminder
PCC Rules and Regulations stipulate that no entity may own more than two homes in the Park.
One of those must be lived in or intended to be lived in.

21 Doubloon Way
Interested in selling
Please call Vern Plante 218-521-0460

24 Doubloon Way

Interested in selling 24 Doubloon Way.
Jack Kinney
1608 Glenn St
Mcdonald, Pa. 15057

724 926 0145

412 327 8233 Cell

43 Doubloon Way
We are interested in selling 43 Doubloon.
Please call Sandy 330-327-6023

66 Cortez
Interested in selling #66 Cortez Way

Barbara Lange

77 Cortez Way
We are interested in selling our lot .
Please contact Bill Gleason at 217-898-0927

88 Blackbeard
I am interested in selling 88 Blackbeard Way.
Contact me asap at 937-620-6214 or at
Scheduled to commence rehabilitation beginning 11/28/22.
Vicki Edmundson


112 Blackbeard
All offers will be considered
Don & Barb Hakala
231- 642-7358

115 Blackbeard Way
New roof being installed
House has been cleaned out
drywall removed down to studs
Pressured washed and sprayed for mold
insulation removed

Kathy (Louie) Kopczick