Civic Association

The Civic Association consists of the Park members.  It manages the social functions of the Park and raises funds to assist with the Park’s enhancements.  The Civic Association is a separate entity from the Port Carlos Cove Cooperative Board of Directors, the park’s governing board.

The Association meets from November through April on the second Monday of each month at 11:00 am, in the Clubhouse.  At these meetings the committees report on their activities and expenditures are discussed and perhaps put to a vote. Many of the social events are fund raisers enabling them to make improvements to the facilities.

There is an annual $5.00 membership fee to join the Association.  Contact your street representative to join.  Owners and renters are encouraged to join and become a part of the social life of the Park.

There is a well stocked lending library in the Clubhouse that is maintained by a volunteer librarian.  In 2012 the Association purchased a lighted bulletin board and installed it in front of the clubhouse.  It is updated with the all the Park’s activities and current events.  Be sure to check it regularly.

The Civic Association has four elected officers and several board members that function as Street Representatives.  Homes in the park are numbered from 1A to 154 and are divided into three districts.  Each district hosts an annual social event and all districts participate in the annual Main Street Bazaar in January.